About Paul Budde

Paul Budde is one of the world’s foremost telecommunications management and business consultants. His expertise lies in his ability to analyse the telecommunications, internet, e-commerce and broadcasting markets, and to identify major business trends and developments in the digital, sharing and interconnected economy.

Paul’s extensive market knowledge, global network and strategic business advice can assist organisations and industry sectors to transform themselves, enabling them to take advantage of opportunities created by the digital economy.

Investment and Business Advisor

Paul’s wide-ranging experience in the telecommunications and digital media markets has enabled him to advise over 100 investment companies on individual transactions as well as on the implications of changes to the markets and to the organisations working within them. Furthermore, his customised workshops are used by businesses on four continents.

Paul can assist investors in analysing business plans as well as assisting organisations in developing business plans as well as providing expert reports for inclusion in prospectuses.

Smart Cities

In 2001 he started UtiliTel. He brought most of the Australian electricity distribution companies together to discuss the business opportunities that existed for the utilities in using their infrastructure for the purposes of telecommunications.

The nature of this initiative changed from an external business opportunity to an internal smart grid approach. For that purpose he transformed Utilitel into Smart Grid Australia and in the same year also became a founding director of the Global Smart Grid Federation, representing over 25 national smart energy alliances across the world.

Paul was asked by the government to come up with a proposal for what became the Smart Grid, Smart City project. They asked for funding of $50 million and received $100 million.

In 2015 he was asked to address the ISGAN conference in Lecco, Italy, on ‘the role of communication as a critical enabler of smart grid systems’. (ISGAN is the short name for the ministerial organisation of the International Energy Agency (IEA) in charge of the Implementing Agreement for a Co-operative Programme on Smart Grids.)

Also in 2001 he established the Broadbanding of Local Councils initiative, and over the following 15 years he advised over 50 local councils on how to become a smart city, of which the infrastructure elements are broadband and smart energy. He stablished the Smart City Industry Board and Smart City R&D Group for the Australian Smart Communities Association, he also organised the first Smart City Mayors Conference and is a director of the Global Smart City and Community Coalition (GSC3).

He has been a keynote speaker at smart city and smart energy conferences in Washington, Dallas, Amsterdam, Tokyo, Milan, Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland, Wellington, Chennai, Beijing and Kuala Lumpur.

Government Policy Specialist

Over the last decade Paul has become established as one of the world’s foremost advisors on the deployment of national broadband networks. He has worked with the governments of the USA, UK, Netherlands, Ireland, New Zealand and Qatar where he has successfully provided a vision, linked to policy and business strategies, which shows that high-speed broadband is essential national infrastructure needed to ensure the next stage of social and economic development. He was strategic advisor to the Australian Minister for Broadband and the Digital Economy for the original fibre-to-the-home national broadband network.

Advisor to UN Broadband Commission

Paul was the co-initiator of UN Broadband Commission for Digital Development.

This Commission promotes the use of high-speed broadband communication networks for the social and economic benefit of people all over the world. Paul was also a special advisor during the mandate period from 2009 to 2015.

Un BroadBand Commision

Management Briefings and Business Plans

Executive Briefings

Paul Budde’s executive briefings are designed to analyse current industry and market trends and to predict future directions. They are based on a combination of research and over 30 years of expert professional opinion.

The analysis spans the value chain – from content, to infrastructure, to end-users – making it possible to confidently predict the real factors, direct and indirect, influencing the rollout and uptake of new products and services.

The briefings also offer an analysis of opportunities and risks, and give a strategically-focussed view of future directions in the telecommunications industry.

Competitive Briefings

With his long term involvement in the industry Paul is in a prime position to provide insights into the strategies, opportunities and pitfalls in the competitive telecoms environment, pinpointing the strategic directions being taken by these organisations and offer a reasoned perspective on their short- and long-term business prospects.

Board Presentations

Paul regularly prepares and delivers board-level presentations on a range of topics, tailored to the individual needs of the client organisation.

He gives an objective and balanced view of the market, identifying issues and opportunities for the client’s business. The presentation concludes with an open discussion.

  • Meeting in Qatar with Dr. Hamadoun Touré, Secretary General of the ITU, March 2012. Photo: ITU/PM Virot
  • Dr Hamadoun Touré, ITU Secretary-General; H.E. Mr Paul Kagame, President of Rwanda; Hon. Senator Stephen Conroy, Minister for Broadband,  Australia; Paul Budde at the First Broadband Commission of Digital Development meeting, ITU headquarters, Geneva. Photo: ITU
  • Paul in discussion with the ex Prime Minster of the UK Gordon Brown during the meeting in New York. Photo: ITU
  • Paul Budde at the First Broadband Commission of Digital Development meeting, ITU headquarters, Geneva. Photo: ITU
  • Paul Budde at the 6th Broadband Commission Meeting in New York City, NY, 23 September 2012. Photo: ITU
  • Paul speaking at the 6th Broadband Commission Meeting, New York, NY, 23 September 2012. Photo: ITU/M.Jacobson-Gonzalez
  • H.E. Mr Stephen Conroy, Minister for Broadband, Australia, Paul & Dr Hamadoun I. Touré Secretary General, ITU. December 2012. Photo: ITU
  • Paul being interviewed by Maximillian Jacobson - Gonzalez, ITU in the ITU TV Studio WCIT 2012, Dubai, UAE. December 2012. Photo: ITU
  • Group photo of the commissioners at the 7th Broadband Commission for Digital Development Meeting, Mexico City, Mexico. March 2013. Photo: ITU
  • Paul at the 7th meeting of the Broadband Commission Mexico City, with Anne Bouverot Director General GSM Association and Kathy Calvin, CEO United Nations Foundation. Photo: ITU
  • Paul leading a work group at the the 7th meeting of the UN Broadband Commission, Mexico City. Photo: ITU
  • Paul speaking at Smart Community Summit 2014 in Tokyo.
  • Business lunch discussion with Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte (3rd from the right)
  • Paul in Sydney, Australia


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  • “Paul has been a consistent champion of improving broadband in Australia, and is most deserving of the industry’s ongoing support.”

    B Beckor, Callpoint, Australia

  • “I think you are a treasure to the industry and we are all lucky to have you. You are so generous with your energy, time and knowledge.”

    Ken Cregan, Tele-Computercations Pty Ltd

  • “Moreover, the customer service personnel at BuddeComm helped me remedy an administrative problem within 5 minutes of sending the request…seriously, less than 5 minutes. All in all, Budde.com is a well-functioning organization with a useful product.”

    Eli Jellenc, VeriSign-iDefense Security Intelligence Services

  • “This is all fascinating and your way of presenting the information is extraordinary.”

    Gary Sorkin, Pacific Communication Group

  • “In 2009 Paul contacted me and we engaged in the brainstorming sessions that led to the development of the UN Broadband Commission for Digital Development.

    Paul is a visionary with a keen strategic approach. He is a powerful communicator, provides succinct analyses and has a complete knowledge of all the key information and communications technologies relating to broadband.”

    Dr Hamadoun Touré, Secretary General International Telecommunications Union (ITU) 2006-2014

  • “Paul has been a relentless advocate and tireless activist for making the world a more connected place.

    His passion for broadband and his firm belief in its transformational impact on societies across the globe is unrivalled.

    I am honoured to call Paul a friend and I trust he will keep up the fight for better broadband and better access to broadband for all people, wherever they live and whatever their background, into the future.”

    Senator Stephen Conroy, former Communications Minister and Deputy Leader of the Opposition in the Senate

  • “I am a civil engineer and have worked with Airtel, Huawei and other telecommunication companies here in Nigeria.

    Your BuddeComm analyses on the telecommunications market are excellent. They always provide me with the information I need, and I also learn a great deal from reading your research.”

    Olusesan Banjo, Nigeria

  • “Could I thank you for making a contribution to this on so many occasions and declare my association with you as a Central Coast resident. I want to say how proud we are of you and how much your expertise has informed us.”

    Senator Deborah O’Neill, at the Select Senate Committee on the NBN – March 2014

  • “The help, insight and quick turnaround times across such vast time-zone differences are sincerely appreciated !”

    David Townshend, OLX Inc, Africa

  • “Ventura Team routinely use BuddeComm reports for mobile and broadband fibre projects we undertake in Europe, Middle East and Africa and Asia. They are just much better value for money compared to the bigger and more expensive reports prepared by other well known telco research houses.”

    David Brown, Ventura Team

  • “Dollar for dollar, Paul Budde and his team of expert analysts offer the best research regarding telecommunications and telecommunications related issues in the industry. Their products cover the entire globe, are in depth and authoritative.

    I can recommend them without reservation. It is easy to say because I mean it. Thanks to everyone there for top quality work.”

    Kristan J. Wheaton, Mercyhurst College Institute of Intelligence Studies

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Customised In-house Workshops

Paul’s customised 3 hour, in-house workshops, consist of a combination of presentations and discussion encouraging interaction between all participants.  Topics cover a range of subjects including:

  • Transformation of the telecoms industry – investment focus
  • Governments back in telecoms – policy focus
  • Global developments – international focus
  • Industry and market opportunities – industry focus
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Customised In-house Workshops


Close Personally conducted by Paul Budde, our 3 hour In-house workshops are tailor-made to suit the needs of our clients.

Below is a list of the topics most recently requested by our key clients (investment houses, governments and industry).

Transformation of the telecoms industry – investment focus

  • What are the risks and opportunities in this transformation?
  • How to become a smart city? – local government
  • Deconstruction and reconstruction of the industry (mergers and acquisitions)
  • Who are the winners and losers?
  • Infrastructure – utility – construction
  • Increased role for IT in telecoms
  • Retail will move to the edge
  • The impact of national broadband networks on the industry and the market.

Governments back in telecoms – policy focus

  • Policy development for digital productivity.
  • Essential fibre infrastructure for many sectors
  • Holistic policies needed for e-investments (health, education, energy)
  • Social and economic benefits occur elsewhere
  • Public and private funding – PPP models
  • Government policies and regulatory reforms
  • UN Broadband Commission for Digital Development

Global developments – international focus

  • Australia’s National Broadband Network – setting the scene
  • The American National Broadband Plan
  • Digital productivity in the Netherlands
  • The Ultra-Fast Broadband Network in New Zealand
  • Broadband a human right in Finland
  • The cooperative approach towards infrastructure in Scandinavia
  • The cultural differences in Asia and its effect on telecoms policies
  • The mobile boom in Africa, Asia and Latin America (followed by new fixed infrastructure investments)

Industry and market opportunities – industry focus

  • Overview of the major markets (telecoms, broadband, mobile, digital media)
  • Overview and SWAT analyses of the major players
  • Policies and regulations
  • Middle- and long-term forecasts
  • Business opportunities (specific to the individual customer)

A typical workshop begins with a 60-90 minute presentation, which can be interactive. This is followed by a discussion for approximately 60-90 minutes (questions, specific topics etc).

Eight is the maximum number for workshop participants.