Paul Budde in Profile

Paul Budde

International Consultant on Digital Economy, Telecommunications, Smart Cities, Digital Transformation

Managing Director Paul Budde Consulting Pty Ltd

Qualifications, Industry Affiliations & Governance:

  • Diploma of Marketing, Netherlands Institute for Marketing, 1974
  • Australian Videotex Industry Association, Foundation Board Member
  • International Videotex Association, Chair Asia Pacific
  • Australian Service Providers Association (SPAN,) Foundation Board Member
  • Australian Telecommunications Users Group, Member
  • International Telecommunications Users Group, Member
  • Australian Information Industry Association, Member
  • Internet Industry Association, Member
  • Netherlands Interactive Services Association, Member
  • Pacific Islands Telecommunications Council, Hawaii, Member
  • Smart Grid Australia Association, Founder and Executive Director
  • Founding Board Member Global Smart Grid Federation
  • Advisor and former Executive Director Australian Smart Communities Association
  • Co-initiator of the UN Broadband Commission for Digital Development
  • Director Global Smart City and Community Coalition


  • Electronic & Online Services Forum, Initiator & Convener
  • National Broadband Summit, Initiator & Convener
  • UtiliTel, Founder and Facilitator
  • National Local Council Summit, Initiator & Convener
  • Digital Economy Industry Workgroup, Initiator & Convener
  • Telecoms wholesale Industry Group, Initiator & Convener
  • Netherlands Australian Broadband Missions organiser & convener
  • Australian Law Reform Commission , Digital Economy Adviser
  • Book Industry Collaborative Council – Digital Economy Adviser
  • BigThink Strategies group for Obama Government and UN Commission
  • Convener ISGAN-GSGF Forum – Tokyo Japan
  • Dutch Australian Smart City Mission and Summit

Professional Experience:

(1978 – present)

Managing Director, Paul Budde Consulting Pty Ltd

Clients include the Governments of Australia, United States, Netherlands, New Zealand, Qatar, Ireland and Britain, local councils, state governments, leading telecommunications companies and vendors such as IBM, Google, Apple, AT&T, BT, Verizon, Telstra, Ericsson, Huawei & Siemens. Over 100 investment organizations around the globe.

Paul Budde develops strategic plans for the digital economy including e-commerce, digital media, e-health, e-education, smart cities and smart energy. Industry and sector transformation through the smart use of Information Communication Technologies (ICT). Business and consumer applications based on the economic and social benefits of these new ICT developments. Opportunities in the Sharing and Networking Economy,

Paul has acted as Policy Adviser to the UN, British, Irish, Qatari, Netherlands, Australian and New Zealand Governments and their Ministers for Communication to European Union officials as well as to the Obama Administration and the UN on matters such as:

  • National and international ICT policies  (Demand side/Applications)
  • Open telecoms networks, structural industry changes, wholesale industry
  • National Broadband Networks (Government Policies and Industry strategies)
  • Fibre-to-the-home and wireless broadband Infrastructure
  • Digital Economy issues (social and economic benefits)
  • Various Senate Inquiries on telecommunication regulation issues
  • Over 50 local councils on smart city development
  • Developments of smart grids for the energy sector.

Industry Presentations:

  • Guest speaker, GridWeek, Washington DC, USA, to 1,000 international energy& communications company leaders.
  • Broadband Forum, Amsterdam  which included Australian and Dutch Government officials.
  • Industry telecommunications workshop Guest Presenter, Beijing.
  • Presenter, International Media Symposium, Chennai, India.
  • Facilitator, regular ongoing industry ‘Roundtables’ in Australia and New Zealand since 1998
  • Keynote speaker at the World Conference on IT (WCIT) Amsterdam.
  • Keynote speaker and panel member ictQatar.
  • Speaker at TIA Dallas US.
  • Chairman and presenter at over 100  industry conferences, such as:
    • Chairman Oceania Com.
    • Chairman National Smart Grid Forums in Australia and New Zealand.
    • Chairman Broadband World .
    • National Telecommunication Summits Australia.
    • Speaker at the Smart City Conferences in Milan, Italy, Tokyo, Japan and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and various cities in Australia.

Expert Contributor:

  • Honorary Consultant on telecommunications and broadcasting for the  Australian Macquarie Dictionary.
  • Member of the Government’s Book Collaboration Council – Digital industry expert.
  • Australian Law Reform Commission , Telecommunications Industry Adviser .
  • Government publications published by their  Dept Foreign Affairs, Trade, Communication and Statistics.
  • Regular contributor on digital economy affairs to ABC, SBS, Commercial TV stations, BBC, CNNI, CNBC, and numerous printed media.
  • Judge at the Mobile Word Congress Awards, Barcelona and Mobile Applications Awards, Dubai.

Industry Recognition:

  • Acknowledged for his depth of knowledge on the Asian telecommunications market by Richard Nickelsen, Senior Advisor, Pacific Telecommunications Council
  • Acknowledged for his influence as a prominent analyst – Who Really Runs Australia – published in the Australian Financial Review
  • The NOW Australian Industry Award for services to the telecommunications industry,
  • Industry Advocate of the Year– Communications Day Magazine

Previous Employment:

1983 – 2017

Managing Director, Paul Budde Communication Pty Ltd

BuddeComm is an international independent telecommunications research & consultancy company operating in 15 countries with 15 Senior Analysts and 20 international researchers.

Under the brand name BuddeComm publishes 120 annual research reports, approximately 2,000 Web-based Reports & a daily news and analyses blog providing strategic telecommunications industry business information based on the telecommunications markets in 170 countries, 500 telecoms companies and 200 technologies and applications. The company has over 3,500 subscribers to the reports and regular market up dates published online at

In May 2017 Paul successfully sold BuddeComm to Ubiquick in France, who will continue to operate the company under its current brand.

1978 -1983

Telecommunications Market Researcher & Consultant, Netherlands

Preparing commissioned market reports, strategic plans for telecommunications companies and European governments on initiation, set-up, implementation and governance of digital media. Played a leading role in the introduction of online services and interactive cable TV services in the Netherlands.

1972 to 1978

Product Manager, Rank Xerox, Netherlands

Product Manager for launch and distribution of new business equipment such as photocopiers, facsimile machines and word processors.

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