BuddeComm sale to Ubiquick

Personal message from Paul Budde

I take great pleasure in announcing that BuddeComm has recently been acquired by the French-based research company the Ubiquick Group.

After creating BuddeComm nearly 40 years ago it is time to look towards a change for Louise and myself.  A key factor in this decision was the purchaser’s ability to consolidate what we have built and ensure its evolution in a rapidly changing market.

With the acquisition by the Ubiquick Group, BuddeComm will greatly benefit from the advanced ICT research tools that the Ubiquick Group has developed; utilising big data and data analytics. For example, the company already has 60 million searchable tables, figures and datasets within its research capability. The flow through of this information into BuddeComm’s reports will add significant value and be of great benefit to BuddeComm’s customers.

From our customer’s point of view, none of your day to day exchanges with Buddecomm will change. The research, the reports, the blog and most importantly its entire staff will continue with the company.  Virtually all of BuddeComm’s staff have been with the company for more than 10 years, with some being with us for more than 20 years and this is seen as a very valuable asset by the Ubiquick Group.

Ben Carpano, the CEO of theUbiquick Group, is moving to Australia to take over the reins and, of course, I will assist him in the transition. The company will remain trading under the BuddeComm brand.

On a personal level, I will continue with my strategic consultancy and smart city activities and will also continue to provide media comments on developments in the market.

Thank you to all of BuddeComm’s customers, partners and friends for your support over the years.

For more information see:-  Ubiquick Group News

Pls also note my new email address below

May 2017

Paul Budde

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