Vale Brian Perkins

Former AAP Telecommunications executive Brian Perkins has died in Sydney, aged 88.

Brian was my mentor in the telecoms industry during the 1990s. I have very fond memories of him, most importantly as a person. He generously shared his understanding of the industry and the many contacts he was able to build up during that period.

He was one of the most respected people in our industry and was instrumental in opening the telecommunications industry. Together with Brian and a few others we established the first industry association (Service Providers Action Network – SPAN) aimed at supporting the fledgling competition in the market. Brian was backed by his company AAP, one of the very first competitors (AAPT).

An important element of Brian’s success was his personality, he was charismatic, always interested in people as persons and able to build good teams around him.

At the same time, he was forceful in the issues he stood for and did not take ‘no’ for answer. Brian played an instrumental role in the formation of the industry as it evolved over the years.  In the discussion with ministers and other government officials Brian not only had the industry and its users at heart, but also the importance of telecommunications for the social and economic development of Australia.

When Brian retired from the industry, I took the lessons learned from my mentor with me. And after his retirement he kept on supporting me in the work I was doing in the industry. What I remember most of those occasions is his big smile when we met and discussed the issues of the day.

I often think of Brian and he will always remain an important person for me.

A memorial service will be held at Camellia Chapel, Macquarie Park Crematorium on Monday the 19th of October  at 1.30pm. Please email to register your attendance or for the webcast link.

Paul Budde

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