Barcelona’s Smart City Strategist visiting Australia

As the Digital Business Strategist for the Barcelona City Council, Joaquim Alvarez has been instrumental in helping transform the City of Barcelona into what Fortune Magazine recently called the Most Wired City in the World. Joaquim comes from a telecommunication engineering background, and is a specialist in software development and telematics communications. His passion for technology and its application to improve the quality of life of the people brought him to work for the Barcelona City Council and to found his own start-up company.

At the city, one of his primary roles has been the development and operational execution of a self-sustainable mobile ecosystem. This included defining a mobile relationship model between industry, government and citizens, as well as elevating the mobile industry in the City of Barcelona to the global level. He is the lead on a project entitled Apps4Bcn, a unique public- private partnership that aims to promote the creation and development of innovative initiatives that improve the quality of life of people through mobile technology, and encourage the adoption of these solutions by industry and Government.

Smart City consultants Delos Delta is bringing Joaquim to Australia where he will be involved in digital innovation masterclasses around the country.

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