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BuddeComm is involved in several international industry workgroups, covering the USA, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and South Pacific Islands. These activities often involve the provision of reports to governments, sometimes informally, sometimes through official submissions. And during the process we also receive reports from other entities.

This page makes these reports available to you. We do so with the aim of serving the common good.

Feel free to use the information contained in the reports, or to pass them on to others, but we ask that if you do so you acknowledge the source.

Thank you,

Paul Budde

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Australia Format/Size Date
Understanding the Effect of the NBN on Regional SME’s – A thesis written by Robert Estherby PDF/5.9MB March 2011
Reflections of trans-sector innovations – A report written (in English) by Paul for the Dutch Government PDF/237KB June 2010
DEWIG Tele-Health proposal PDF/544KB 11 Nov 2009
Beyond infrastructure in Australia: the need for a National Broadband Network – e-Strategy – Paper by Michael Curri – Stategic Networks Group PDF/246KB 19 Oct 2009
Summary of Telecommunications industry skills and employment 2009 – Paper by CITT Ltd PDF/246KB 21 Sep 2009
NBN: Legislative Framework Response – July 09 PDF/192KB 10 Aug 2009
NBN Regulatory Reform DEIWG Response PDF/272KB 30 Jun 2009
Digital Economy Industry Work Group (DEIWG) Response to Greenfields – FTTP Discussion Paper PDF/463KB 15 Jun 2009
Australia – The National Broadband Network – Critical Considerations – DEIWG Discussion Paper PDF/44KB 15 Apr 2009
Broadband and the Nation Building and Jobs Plan ACTU PDF/228KB 24 Feb 2009
FINAL DEIWG Submission for Digital Economy Future Directions to DBCDE PDF/550KB 11 Feb 2009
2009 Submission DBCDE Strategies for the Digital Economy PDF/60KB 9 Feb 2009
Free Analysis – Australia – FttH Digital Economy Industry Group PDF/164KB 21 Jan 2009
Fibre to the Future – NBN Principles PDF/1.4MB 20 Nov 2008
Regulatory Submission for National Broadband Network from eASIG PDF/212KB 27 Jun 2008
An Industry Vision for the National Broadband Network Plan PDF/750KB 31 Mar 2008
An Industry Vision for the National Broadband Network Plan – Supplement PDF/1.22MB 5 Mar 2008
New Zealand Format/Size Date
2010 Submission – Industry UFB recommendations for Minister Steven Joyce – A BuddeComm report PDF/48.4KB 23 Feb 2010
New Zealand – FttH Planning – A BuddeComm report PDF/60KB 9 Feb 2009
South Pacific Format/Size Date
South Pacific Outcomes Oceania Com Conference – A BuddeComm report PDF/60KB 9 Feb 2009


Format/Size Date
Smart Grid Connectivity – Good, But Good Enough – remarks by Steve Rivkin at Connectivity Week, Santa Clara Conference Center PDF/23KB 26 May 2011
Big Think Strategies – Trans-Sector Thinking leading to Smart Communities PDF/101KB 19 Aug 2009
Comments of Big Think Strategies on Open Access as filed with the FCC PDF/216KB 25 Mar 2009
The Finger Lakes Regional Telecommunications Development Corporation Overview Dec 2008 PDF/129KB 19 Feb 2009
Big Think Strategies – Plans for the transition of the US telecoms industry PDF/84KB 9 Feb 2009
Big Think Strategies – Costings and open network issues in relation to FttH deployments PDF/76KB 9 Feb 2009
Big Think Strategies – Innovation networks:where e-science and telecoms meet PDF/44KB 9 Feb 2009
Big Think Strategies – Open Access Policies PDF/176KB 5 Feb 2009
Wireless Internet Service Providers Business Cases and Recommendations for Action – Dec 2008 PDF/29KB 20 Jan 2009
Other Papers Format/Size Date
Research These by Alexander H. Budde PDF/884kb Aug 2017
A Platform for Progress – Executive Summary for new Broadband Commission report PDF/2MB Jun 2011
A Platform for Progress – A Report By The Broadband Commission for Digital Development PDF/4MB Jun 2011
Social Networks and Revolutions – A report written by Jaap van Till PDF/127KB Feb 2011
NGA principles from INTUG PDF/16KB 15 Apr 2009
FttH Global Ranking Chart PDF/132KB 30 Jul 2008
FttH Global Rankings Word/753KB 30 Jul 2008
The Seoul declaration for the future of the internet economy PDF/123KB 29 Jul 2008
The fundamentals of Fibre FROM the Home PDF/2MB 12 Apr 2008
FttP Networks Topology and competition PDF/1MB 12 Apr 2008
Reflections on trans-sector innovation PDF/238KB Nov 2009
Official Broadband Commission press release with links to further multimedia information PDF/126KB 20 Sep 2010
A Platform for Progress – Authored by Paul Budde – a report presented to the Secretary General of the UN Ban Ki-moon on Sunday 19th Sept 2010 in New York PDF/790KB 20 Sep 2010
A Review of Environmental Sustainability in National Broadband Policies – Global Overview and Case Studies on Australia and Rwanda PDF/7.7MB Sept 2012

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